Auto Repair Services in Glenwood Springs, CO

  • Auto Detailing Service in Glenwood Springs, CO

    The Pit Stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado offers a variety of detailing services, whether protecting your new vehicle, boat, or trailer. Our professionally trained staff will take your vehicle through a thorough process of complete auto detailing. We have been serving the Roaring Fork valley as its premier auto detailing shop since 1983. Not only serving our retail customers, but also many of the local dealerships as their stop to get a showroom quality finish. (We do ask that any personal items are removed from the vehicle prior to arrival, and any items left we are not responsible for.)

  • Car Wash in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the Pitstop has two fully automatic, touchless car wash bays and three manual car wash bays. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted for your convenience. All major credit cards are accepted in the manual car wash bays.

  • Front End in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Have you recently been in a crash or a fender-bender? Believe us, we have seen it all and can honestly say we are front-end collision experts. Using the latest in collision repair technology, our service pros will correct any amount of damage your car has endured. From major structural problems to cosmetic flaws, we will erase any dent, ding, scratch, or chip. We will get you back on the road and restore your vehicle to its regular condition.

  • Other Services in Glenwood Springs, CO

    We offer a wide array of automotive services and it would be nearly impossible for us to list every single service. If you don't see the specific service listed on our services page, give us a call and if we can't help you out, we'll direct you to the right place.

  • Paint Rock/Chip Touch-up in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Here in Colorado, there are lots of reasons that our vehicles are subject to paint damage from rocks and chips. I-70, Vail Pass, McClure Pass and other steep roads can be rocky, and of course many drivers head off-road and pick up rocks and gravel. With all the drivers running studded snow tires, our new roads quickly get torn up and become filled with potholes. All these factors mean you may be behind a vehicle that throws a rock or chip up that can damage the paint on your vehicle.

  • Tire Balancing in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Tire Balancing must be done every 4,000 - 6,000 miles for the life of your tires. The Pit Stop Tire Pros offers quality, affordable Tire Balancing in Glenwood Springs, CO at The Pit Stop Tire Pros.

  • Tire Installation in Glenwood Springs, CO

    The life expectancy of a tire depends on road conditions, driving habits, usage, and tire. Tires need to be changed at the very least every 6 years. The Pit Stop Tire Pros offers quality affordable Tire Installation in Glenwood Springs, CO.

  • Tire Repair in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Flat Tires can easily trigger the edge of the wheel to relax on the tire tread or on the area, possibly cause a blowout or a loss of control of the car or irreversible damage to the tire. The Pit Stop Tire Pros do quick top quality flat tire repair. Come see us for your upcoming flat tire repair in Glenwood Springs, CO!

  • Tire Rotation in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Proper Tire Rotation helps encourage even wear to your tires, extending their life, and improving safety. The Pit Stop Tire Pros offers quality affordable Tire Rotation in Glenwood Springs, CO

  • Wheel Alignments in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Wheel Alignment is the position of your wheels to a standard that is set for your vehicle. To keep effective command of your vehicle, your wheels should be properly aligned. The Pit Stop Tire Pros offers top quality, inexpensive auto repair services.

  • Windshields in Glenwood Springs, CO

    Is a cracked or broken windshield distorting your view or getting you in legal trouble? We offer full windshield replacement and repair service. We will send a professional to remove your cracked or broken glass, and replace it with a new one. Please call or email us for more information.